Kratom Tea

About the product itself:

Originating in South East Asia, Kratom products are trying to be a revolutionary supplement dietary ingredient for the palm oil industry. While not currently approved for human consumption in the us, it has health benefits with external use as well. Kratom is another plant similar to plants we currently use for tea leaves, and tea extracts. It comes in three basic different varieties. Red, White, and Green. Each color reference is determined by the color the the stem and veins that run through each leaf.

Targeted use:

Based on color and potency the three main varieties have different benefits and effects to mood and energy when used with a soap or incense mix. Red varieties are known to have a more soothing and relaxing aroma that help the body relax. Where White varieties usually have a more invigorating and stimulating aroma that help an individual get moving or focused. Green varieties are labeled as the middle ground. Depending on the amount used within a soap or incense blend determines the effect. In small quantities Green varieties have a more stimulating aroma and effect. When used in larger amounts the effect is more relaxing and soothing.

Where the stain names come from and why:

All the strains of each variety are labeled according to what part of the world the originate from. That way the consumer knows exactly where their product is coming from within the world. As previously stated Kratom products and extract is not yet approved by the FDA for human consumption and should not be ingested. Its benefits are still useful in the area of aroma therapy however. The company specializing in the sale of Kratom products and extracts is Katora Quality Ethobotanicals. They currently have in total 23 different kinds of tea. Six Varieties of red tea, five varieties of green tea, three varieties of white tea and five different extracts as well. The website offers multiple blog posts on the development of the product, benefits, and a friendly user's guide. All products are clearly and plainly listed and categorized. With plenty of stock. Learn more about kratom tea come check out our site.